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Inflatable SUP 12'6" x 27" x 6" All Star Airline

$2,149.00 CAD

The Starboard 12’6″ x 27″ All Star Airline racing inflatable paddle board has a slightly wider nose for extra pop in choppy water and wider tail for greater control and stability when buoy turning. Twin stringers on the deck combined with the Airline Technology creates the fastest and smoothest glide ever. With the extra stiffness and rigidity from the Airline Technology coupled with the lightweight Deluxe Single Chamber Fusion Construction, this board will make you question a hard board. The EVA standing tray which greatly enhances stability and performance, Rail Edge and the forward deck carry handles.

This unique line of inflatable paddle boards shares the outline of the multi championship winning carbon All Star and combines it with the practicality of an inflatable SUP. What truly makes this board special though, is the all new award winning patented Airline stiffening system resulting in an extremely rigid inflatable paddle board. Since 2018, the Starboard inflatable All Star Airlines have set a new standard by which all other performance inflatable SUP’s are measured.

Inflatable board convenience, composite board performance.