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Trail Glove 4 Knit

$189.00 CAD

The Merrell Trail Glove 4 Knit version is an impressively designed minimalist shoe. It is on the thicker end of shoes in this review with a stack (sole) height of 11.5mm, but it retains a zero drop from heel-to-toe with a wide toe box that allows a relatively natural, unimpeded gait. The sole is on the heavier side, so it isn't our favorite shoe for running, but we loved it for rest days or recovery hikes after long barefoot runs when our pads and foot muscles needed a little break. It's so great for this use, in fact, that it wins our Top Pick Award for Rest and Recovery. The soft, knit upper feels like a sock, so we love wearing them without socks, but in cooler weather, we could add some warmth by wearing a pair of toe or regular socks. The biggest and best surprise with these shoes, however, is how well they keep water off our feetƒ??the knit is so tight that it is not very permeable to water while remaining highly breathable for warmer, sweaty weather.