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Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2020/2021


It's that beautiful time of the year. The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour is making its rounds once again. This year it (like everything else) will be a little different. Due to provincial guidelines and some common sense, we won't be hosting the festival in a physical space this year.

The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival World Tour will be an online exclusive - a couch festival if you will. You can enjoy all the films from across many genres of outdoor sport and culture from the comfort, and safety, of your own home.



The Films

2020/21 World Tour - AMBER Program

Film Program Length: 2hrs
Films Include: The Legend of Tommy G, The Elder (The Winter), Tempo. Movements in Mountains, Climbing Blind (Tour Edit), Slack Sisters, Natural Mystic, Imagine, Return to El Guayas, The Secret of Bottom Turn Island 

Read these film descriptions.


2020/21 World Tour - ONYX Program

Film Program Length: 2hrs
Films Include: Charge 2, Where I Belong, Far Far Est, Running the Roof (Tour Edit), Voice Above Water, Madman Trails of Bhutan, Free as Can Be, One Star Reviews: National Parks

Read these film descriptions.


2020/21 World Tour - Ruby Program

Film Program Length: 2hrs
Films Include: Mother Earth, Pretty Strong: Fernanda, The Long Today, 12,000km, Zeppelin Skiing (Tour Edit), Fly Spiti - The Short Odyssey, Silks, Frozen in Time

Read these film descriptions.


2020/21 World Tour - Sapphire Program

Film Program Length: 2hrs
Films Include: Attla, My Last Day of Summer, Piano to Zanskar (Tour Edit)

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2020/21 Epic Bundle

  • This package includes all four 2020/21 World Tour film programs (Amber, Onyx, Ruby & Sapphire).
  • Eight hours of mountain and adventure films!



Tickets are purchased from the Banff Centre's website using the link below. You are supporting Wild Rock with this unique link, helping us to bring the festival to Peterborough for years to come. There are two programs of films as usual, and you can choose to purchase tickets for either one, or a bundle that includes both programs.

Here are the basics:

  • Individual programs (Amber, Onyx, Ruby or Sapphire): $15 USD (3-day rental period)
  • Epic Bundle (4 programs - Amber, Onyx, Ruby & Sapphire): $52 USD (14-day rental period)


How To Watch

First, make sure you have a comfy spot and some snacks. Next, you'll need an internet connection to view the films - they are only available for viewing via online streaming (no downloads are available).

Once you have purchased your tickets here, you'll get a link to watch. You can watch the films on your computer, cast to a TV via Chromecast, or play on your TV with an HDMI cable hooked up to your computer. You'll find detailed instructions on the Banff Centre's Help Section.

The rental period begins immediately upon viewing (as soon as you press play), and films can be re-watched within their rental period.


YES Shelter Donations

In the spirit of the film festival; we ask that if you can, please donate to the Peterborough YES shelter. YES works to reduce and prevent homelessness by providing shelter, education and transitional supports for youth and families in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

Wild Rock is also proud to be accepting donations at our online checkout when you shop locally this holiday season.


About The Festival

If you're new to the Banff Mountain Film Festival, you should know that the film festival is held in Banff, Alberta every fall and it is truly international. In Banff, all films are showcased and judged, and the best films in each category go on tour. Films can be as short as 3 minutes, up to a maximum of 48 minutes. Films may be subtitled as they are submitted from all over the world. While the films are generally outdoors oriented, they range from fun and adventure-filled to cultural explorations, designed to educate and enlighten the audience about our planet and those who live on it.

Wild Rock has been bringing this highly successful festival to Peterborough for over 20 years.