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Introduction to the Charms of Peterborough Gravel



This route offers a short but sweet introduction to the fabulous gravel roads in the Peterborough area. Primarily flat, the route cruises through rural farmland and past the Warsaw Caves . . . You could not call yourself a cyclist if you did not occasionally sample a region’s buttertarts! It is worth the trip to Warsaw if for the buttertarts alone.

The route starts north on bike paths before hitting out on scenic River Road. Riders who prefer can parallel this part of the route on the rail trail to the right of the road which, although it is car-free, does not have views of the river. Once the route turns to the east cars will be few and far between.

**The gravel roads between Peterborough and Warsaw are some of the quietest roads anywhere. Although the gravel sections are normally hard-packed and fast they do, on occasion, get graded. This grading leaves the roads softer and, sometimes, difficult to ride. If the conditions look soft when you turn onto a gravel section consider changing your route-plan . . . But come back another day. You won’t regret it!

Introduction to the Charms of Peterborough Gravel route map

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