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S/Max Carbon Skate (And Prolink Shift-In)

by Salomon
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Size: 177 (45-60Kg)

 Salomon S/Max Carbon Skate Nordic Skis are indicated if you are looking for maximum stability and transmission of energy since they have a triangular thickness that increases power and acceleration so that you can practice cross-country skate skiing and face competitions with more confidence and abilities.

These skis in snow have a G5 Universal sole that gives excellent performance on soft or hard snow and the Thin Ply Carbon construction comes with a 45° ripple that provides maximum stability, avoiding the possibility of twisting, and increasing acceleration, also thanks to the World Cup Universal Grinding technique.

The D-Carbon core of these classic skis is made of foam, which makes it ultra-light to achieve effortless kicks. My Custom Ski technology allows you to choose one ski according to your weight. The required flex is provided by the D2FC system. These mountain skis are delivered pre-drilled so they are easier to attach to the SNS or Prolink bindings.
The S/MAX Carbon Skate takes your racing efforts to the next level. It excels in all snow conditions.

The THIN PLY carbon construction optimizes torsional rigidity for improved energy transmission during the kick, while the balanced camber adds stability during the glide.

Increased ease and agility due to the ski’s thin tip and tail and D-Carbon core.

The triangle thickness profile improves acceleration and enhances energy transfer from the middle of the ski all the way through to the tip and tail.

Ski weight 1040 grams for size 192cm. Side cut 44-43-44 mm.


177cm (110 to 132 lbs)

182cm (121 to 154 lbs)

187cm (143 to 176 lbs)

192cm (154 to 198 lbs)

192cm Extra Stiff (187 lbs and above).