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Dragonfly OSMO Bikepack Bikepacking Tent

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$759.99 - $759.99
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Color: Marsh/Boreal
Size: 2P

**Dragonfly OSMO Bikepack Bikepacking Tent**

Introducing the Dragonfly OSMO Bikepack Bikepacking Tent, a compact and durable shelter designed for outdoor adventures on two wheels or in a canoe. Crafted with innovative OSMO fabric, this tent offers superior water repellency and durability, making it ideal for all-weather conditions. Whether you're embarking on a bikepacking journey or a canoe trip, this tent ensures you have a reliable and comfortable shelter wherever you go.

**Key Features:**

- **Tailored for Bikepacking and Canoe Trips:** Specifically designed to meet the needs of bikepackers and canoeists, ensuring a perfect fit for your adventurous lifestyle.
- **Ultra-Small Pack-Down Size:** Packs down to an incredibly small size, making it easy to transport and store without taking up much space.
- **OSMO Fabric:** Provides long-lasting water repellency and durability, ensuring you stay dry and protected in all weather conditions.
- **Shortened Pole Segments:** Features shortened pole segments for convenient storage and easy packing.
- **Stuff Sack with Tiedown Straps:** Comes with a stuff sack equipped with tiedown straps for secure attachment to your bike, ensuring it stays in place during travel.
- **Tapered Floor Plan:** Designed with a tapered floor plan to save weight while providing ample living space for comfort.
- **Tub Floor Design:** The tub floor design offers increased privacy and enhanced weather protection, keeping you dry and comfortable.
- **Adjustable Straps:** Includes adjustable straps for versatile attachment to handlebars, racks, or frames, providing flexibility in how you carry your tent.

Experience the ultimate convenience and comfort with the Dragonfly OSMO Bikepack Bikepacking Tent on your next outdoor excursion.

**Brand:** NEMO