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K04Ti Disc Brake Pad-MEtal

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Color: One Color
Size: Y8PU98020

The Shimano K04Ti Disc Brake Pad-MEtal is a high-performance brake pad designed for optimal stopping power and durability. Weighing only X grams, these brake pads are lightweight yet provide excellent braking performance. The K04Ti Disc Brake Pad-MEtal features a metal compound that ensures consistent braking in various conditions, making it ideal for both road and off-road cycling. The pads are compatible with Shimano disc brake systems, offering a precise fit and easy installation. With its superior heat dissipation and long-lasting performance, the Shimano K04Ti Disc Brake Pad-MEtal is a reliable choice for cyclists seeking reliable braking performance on their rides. Upgrade your braking system with these premium brake pads for a smoother and safer cycling experience.