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Sea to Summit

Sigma Cook Set 2.1 - 1.9L pot, 2 bowls, 2 cups

$99.95 CAD

If youve mastered the joys of single-pot cooking, heres the perfect way for you and a companion to enjoy a great backcountry meal. Included with the Sigma Pot are ergonomically-shaped bowls and mugs – the perfect complement to showcase your culinary skills. The 1.9L Sigma Pot of the 2.1 Cook Set is made of durable, abrasion resistant polished stainless steel for an easy-to-clean cooking surface. The Pivot-Lock handle locks firmly in place, the unique slotted pattern in the lid strains perfectly and the silicone Lid-Keep lets you rest the lid on the side of the pot. Delta Light tableware comprising of two Delta Light Bowls and Delta Insul Mugs nest neatly inside the pot forming a lightweight compact camp kitchen set.