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BL-M8000 Deore XT Brake Lever

Original price $67.99 - Original price $67.99
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$67.99 - $67.99
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Color: One Color
Size: IBLM8000L

The Shimano BL-M8000 Deore XT Brake Lever is a high-performance component designed for mountain biking enthusiasts seeking precision and control. Weighing just 123g, this brake lever offers a lightweight yet durable construction. The lever features a sleek design with a comfortable ergonomic shape for optimal handling. Its Servo Wave technology enhances power modulation, allowing for quick and responsive braking in various trail conditions. The lever is equipped with a reach adjust mechanism, enabling riders to customize the lever position for their preferences. With a sleek black finish and Shimano's renowned quality, the BL-M8000 Deore XT Brake Lever is a reliable choice for riders looking to elevate their braking performance on the trails.