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BR-R7070 105 Disc Brake Set

Original price $474.99 - Original price $474.99
Original price
$474.99 - $474.99
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Color: One Color
Size: IR7025DLF4SC100A

Experience superior braking performance with the Shimano BR-R7070 105 Disc Brake Set. Weighing just 138 grams per caliper, this set is designed for road bikes and offers precise control and reliable stopping power in all conditions. The hydraulic disc brake system ensures smooth and consistent braking, while the flat mount design provides a sleek and integrated look on your bike. The BR-R7070 features a dual-piston caliper for efficient heat dissipation and improved modulation. With easy setup and maintenance, this disc brake set is a top choice for cyclists looking for high-quality components. Upgrade your braking system with the Shimano BR-R7070 105 Disc Brake Set and enjoy a safer and more enjoyable ride.