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New Store Hours Started April 1st! Read More In The Wild Rock Journal!
New Store Hours Started April 1st! Read More In The Wild Rock Journal!

Basic Roadside Repairs Clinic

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Location: Wild Rock parking lot (or inside the store if weather not permitting)

This course is designed for customers who have recently purchased a bike or are returning to riding after some time away and need more bike repair experience.

The course is also suitable for those who wish to increase their basic roadside repair skills. Participants must have a bike and should have a basic roadside tool kit for the course. If participants still need a basic tool kit, one will be provided by the store for the course duration.

Throughout the course, participants will learn essential bike repair skills that will enable them to diagnose and fix common problems that may arise during their cycling experience. By the end of the course, participants will have the confidence and knowledge to keep their bikes running smoothly and avoid costly repair bills.

Course Objectives:

  1. To review the anatomy of a bike and understand its different components.
  2. To identify the necessary roadside tools that are essential for basic bike repair.
  3. Learn to use the essential bicycle tools and carry them on the bike, including an air pump, tire levers, tube patch, and chain break tool.
  4. To understand the importance of basic bike cleaning and learn how to conduct it.
  5. To conduct a basic bike safety inspection and identify any potential problems.
  6. To conduct wheel inspection and tire inspection (air pressure).
  7. To know how to remove and install wheels, tires, and tubes, and patch a tube if necessary. 
  8. To understand tubeless tire setups,  use of tire plugs and installation of tubes as an alternate solution to tubeless tire flats.
  9. To learn how to clean, inspect, and lubricate a bike chain and temporarily fix a broken chain.
  10. To learn to make minor shifting adjustments utilizing barrel adjusters.
  11. Learn to make minor brake adjustments on both rim and disc brakes.