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GORE-TEX Endurance Men's Semi Dry Suit Size MEDIUM - Tried on no tags

$659.40 CAD

The Kokatat Endurance Semi Dry Suit (GORE-TEX??) offers 3-layer waterproof protection and superior breathability for fitness, stand up, or recreational paddlers who require a high performance lightweight suit. With a one-hand adjustable neo-cinch neoprene collar, latex wrist cuffs and low profile flexible zippers on the entry and relief zippers.

So what is the difference between a dry suit and a semi dry suit?

A dry suit is going to have a latex neck gasket intended to keep 100% of the water out of the suit. The dry suit is a great option for paddlers who will be immersing themselves intentionally and or on a regular basis. A semi dry suit has a neoprene cinch gasket, which is more comfortable to wear for long periods of time. A neoprene gasket will however let some water in. Is it a lot? No, but enough?ÿthat if you went over multiple times you would start to "feel the effects". The semi dry suit is a good choice for paddlers who?ÿare looking for a high level of thermal protection to protect against incidental immersion in flat water. We use the term "flat-water" here, since this type of suit would not be good for dynamic environments like the surf or the river for example.

In short a semi dry suit is more comfortable?ÿfor flat water / recreational paddling while the kayak dry suit is the better option for more challenging conditions or intentional or frequent immersion.


  • GORE-TEX?? fabric
  • Neo cinch collar
  • Latex wrist gaskets with ƒ??hook & loopƒ?� adjustable neoprene over-cuffs
  • 330 Cordura?? GORE-TEX?? Proseat, knee and elbow patches, self-draining
  • Inseam gusset
  • Adjustable bungee drawcord waist
  • Factory sealed seams
  • Integrated GORE-TEX?? socks with ƒ??hook & loopƒ?�adjustable neoprene over-cuffs
  • Nylon entry and relief zippers
  • Competition cut underarm


  • Machine or hand wash cool with liquid detergent
  • Hang to dry
  • Do not bleach or dry clean
  • Store it dry, hanging, or loosely folded