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Kodula Trekking/Snowshoe/Ski Pole

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Color: Black

Priced as a pair.

 The first walking sticks were literally sticks, but they were bulky, bendy, and breakable. The old tree branch has evolved into the retractable Kodula walking stick. With a simple twist, this stick expands to your preferred length, and collapses for easy carrying. An added attachment adapts to mud, snow and sand. The firm handle and wrist strap ensure good grip, while the rubber tip brings stable footing. Whether you're an experienced hiker, weekend rambler, or just want extra stability on your stroll, this walking stick will support you all the way. - Strong & lightweight Duralumin aluminum - Smooth 3-step expand & retract function - Lengths in centimeters marked on posts - Rubber hand grip w/extra foam support - Adjustable canvas wrist strap - Compass on end of grip - Removable rubber ferrule on manganese steel tip - Removable rough trekking basket - Anti-shock spring mechanism reduces strain - Adjustable from 25"l to 52"l