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Polaris Optifuel Stove

$244.95 CAD

Great for long road trips where white gas isn’t always available, this stove can burn almost anything. When you can’t find white gas you can substitute kerosene, diesel, aviation fuel or LPG (butane/propane mix or isobutane) canisters all without modifying your stove. Integrated magnetic cleaning needle ensures a steady flow of fuel, even on heavier, dirtier fuel types. The quick priming burner requires less preheating to save you fuel. In the winter, use the 4-season mode when using LPG to increase the heat output and reduce boiling time.

Burns LPG canisters as well as liquid white gas, kerosene, diesel and aviation fuel.
Integrated magnetic needle cleans the jet.
Self-purging Flipstop pump clears the burner of fuel and depressurizes the fuel bottle.
Quick priming burner.
4-season mode when used with LPG canisters.
Burns up to 105 minutes with 230g LPG canister.
Burns up to 100 minutes with 400ml white gas.