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Super Classic Skin Ski

$299.99 CAD

Great ski for track set using modern skin technology.  Will easily handle the lake, gold course and non extreme terrain as well.

The Super Skin set is suitable for groomed trails as well as for skiing under more demanding conditions. In terms of their structure, Super Classic Skin Nordic skis are lightweight but sturdy. Fitted with a mohair seal skin, the graphite running surface facilitates an effective kick without the need for grip wax.

 Weight Ranges for Skis

180cm 110-143lbs

188cm 143-176lbs

196cm 164-198lbs

204cm 187-220+lbs


  • Sidecut: 43-45-45
  • Stiffness: Soft/Medium
  • Light wood core
  • Waxless skin integrated into kick zone
  • UHM Graphite race base
  • Mounting plate not included
  • Weight: 1250 g / pair (196 cm)