Ethical Choices for Back to School Shopping

If you’re planning to stock up on a few back-to-school essentials for the new year, there’s plenty of opportunity to make ethical and sustainable choices. Whether you’re shopping for the littles, grabbing some hot fashions to make an impression at university, or just need a pick-me-up to make going back to work tolerable after a fun summer, Wild Rock Outfitters can help.

We want to help get you through the school-day smoothly and looking stylish, while also doing good for the planet, the animals, and the people on it. From brands committed to environmental and humanitarian action, to recycled materials, to items that will help you lower your personal impact on the earth, these are products you can be proud of.

To Haul Your Stuff

Fjällräven Ulvö 23 Mountain Pack.

Fjällräven’s approach is to produce functional, long-lasting products with respect to nature, people and animals. They aim to keep their environmental footprint as small as possible, which is reflected in how an item is designed, the materials chosen, and where products are made. Some of Fjällräven’s products are also climate compensated, with support going to renewable energy projects.

Fjällräven Kånken Travel Wallet

This spacious wallet has room for all.the.things, whether you’re travelling to campus or across the world. It even has a fleece lined pocket to keep your phone snug and protected. You already know all about Fjällräven’s commitment to the environment around us and the people and animals that inhabit it. Their products are also extremely durable, thanks to their proprietary fabric, G-1000. This hard-wearing and versatile material is resistant to wear, lightweight, and water-resistant, so you’ll have it for years to come. The first goal in sustainability is to REDUCE consumption, right?

For Your Lunch

KAVU Lunch Box

Nothing is as cool as a waste-free lunch! Packing your own lunch is one of the best ways to reduce your environmental impact - no wasteful plastic wraps and containers, you’re in control of the ingredients and your health, plus, it’s way cheaper. Plus, KAVU is committed to using globally recognized sustainable textile production guidelines all the way along their supply chain. They also use recycled fibres, biodegradable and compostable packaging materials, keeping the environmental impact low as products make their way to our shelves here at Wild Rock!

Kupilka Bowls, Cups and Utensils

Kupilka’s bowls, cups, plates and utensils are made in Finland, based on a centuries-old design of hand-carved vessels. Today, these products are made from a natural fibre composite, which has achieved a zero CO2 emissions rating! The material can be recycled, burned or returned to the company, when you’re done with it, which is unlikely as it’s incredibly durable and long-lasting! These products are also super lightweight, so you can easily bring them along with you and fill ‘em up in the school cafeteria and skip those gross styrofoam containers.

YETI Rambler 1L Bottle

First of all, let’s eliminate those ubiquitous plastic water bottles and paper coffee cups (did you know many communities can’t actually recycle them?!). The YETI Rambler is insulated to keep your drinks icy cold, or perfectly hot, for hours - so there’s no need for wasteful, single-use cups and bottles. Plus, these things are super durable - so no biggie if you drop it on the bus and it rolls to the very back seat (though you might want to give it a quick rinse if something like that happens)!

To Keep You Stylish

Merrell Zion Mid Waterproof Hiker

This is footwear that will take you from the trail to class, comfortably and stylishly. Waterproof and long lasting, you’ll be able to wear these for years to come, which can be a revolutionary act in a world of fast fashion.

DU/ER No Sweat Slim Pant

The No Sweat pant is made from 28% TENCEL® lyocell, which is a natural cellulose fibre (from wood pulp) that is made with a closed loop system that is environmentally friendly. Plus, this is another one of those items that will feature heavily in your outfit rotation - fewer clothes for the win!

United By Blue Tee

United By Blue is all-in on their mission of doing serious conservation work. For every product sold, the company removes 1 pound of trash from the world’s oceans and waterways - currently at 1,756,888 lbs and counting. But this isn’t just an on-paper commitment - UBB actually organizes and participates in ocean cleanups themselves. Their conservation focus extends to holding suppliers to specific environmental standards, offering staff paid time off for community service, using office supplies made of recycled content, and producing products from materials that keep the oceans and earth clean - like the organic cotton these tee’s are made of.

Patagonia Snap-T® Pullover

If you haven’t heard of Patagonia’s revolutionary leadership in sustainability, we’d be seriously surprised. From supporting grassroots activism and providing grants for environmental initiatives, strict material sourcing guidelines, fair trade practices, encouraging repair, reuse, and recycling of garments, to sustainable infrastructure and production methods, this is a company that takes it’s commitment seriously. The Snap-T® Pullover is made from up to 100% recycled fibre, and sewn in accordance with Fair Trade Certified standards.

BUFF Headwear

To keep you warm, or cool, or protected, or looking cool - there’s a BUFF for every situation. BUFF uses recycled microfibre (made from pop bottles) in their multifunctional products, and they have been recognized for their involvement in conservation projects around the world.

Smith Lowdown XL Sunglasses

A pioneer in the world of ski goggles, Smith Optics have been making eyewear for outdoorsy types since 1965. The products are high quality, long lasting, and look awesome on. With performance details like no-slip megol nose pads, anti-reflective lens coating, and ChromaPop contrast-enhancing lenses to boost natural colour and detail, you’ll be able to enjoy that nature you’ve been working so hard to preserve in all it’s vibrant glory.

Fjällräven Est. 1960 Cap

By now you know that Fjällräven is just an all-around great company with a conscience. Cap off your look with this classic, made of 65% recycled polyester and 35% organic cotton.