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Adventure Stories: Alex's Backcountry Tour

Adventure Stories: Alex's Backcountry Tour

In the Adventure Stories series, we ask Wild Rock staff and contributors to share some of the most exciting outdoor experiences they've had lately.

Next up is Alex GroenkeAlex spends his time both behind the scenes and working closely with customers. He takes care of out-of-norm transactions, like warranty claims and special orders. The rest of the time, Alex helps you get really comfy on your bike as our bike fit specialist, and plans all of our mountain bike trips.

In this post, he shares some notes from a backcountry ski in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park, starting just off Loon Call Lake near HWY 28 south of Apsley.

A trio of cross-country skiers travels uphill
A skier's legs, with a purple backpack at their feet

What adventure are you going to tell us about? What type of activity? Where did you go?

A backcountry ski tour in Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park. We set out on OAC Skinbased skis with the intention of exploring the natural terrain the park has on offer. Skinbased skis provide good maneuverability and uphill traction while still allowing for some downhill skiing fun. It might be one of the best ways to travel in that terrain without giving up the ability to slide downhill.

Did you go solo, with a pet or friend(s)/family?

A group of 5 friends all sharing a love for snow and exploration.

How did you fuel for your adventure?

Fuelled by the stoke level in the group... a Clif bar every once in a while and a taste of whisky to keep the spirits up.

What is the one thing about this adventure that you most want to share?

That "epic" adventures can be as simple as getting a few friends together and heading into the woods and letting the terrain dictate the route.

A topographic map marked with a ski route through Kawartha Highlands Provincial Park

A group of skiers seen through a tangle of branches

A group of skiers seen in the distance from the top of a hill

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