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Rental Paddle Boards

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Style: Red Paddle Co. Ride 10.6

Paddle boarding is perhaps the most unique way to explore the local water ways. Quiet and easily to maneuver, you can sneak up on a blue heron stalking fish in a back creek, or take to the open water and find a nice beach to haul up on for and afternoon. Put one in the water in the evening for a sunset yoga session or take your favorite book and lounge in the sun, the possibilities are endless!  Red Paddle Co's multi-award-winning Ride 10'6" is our most popular board. It offers excellent durability along with superior stability, so can withstand even the wildest of water adventures. Our Deep River 11’x30” inflatable board is an excellent choice for recreational and adventurous paddlers alike.  Slightly longer and more narrow than the Red Paddle co Ride, this board will be nice and quick through the water while still being easy to maneuver.

All SUP boards come with a carry bag, pump, paddle, safety kit and leash.

*Please note: Pickups and drop offs of canoes and equipment MUST be done during store hours.