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Rental Info & Policies

We know, we know, you just want to go outside and play with your rental gear! However, to make sure you have a really awesome time (and to cover our butts), there are a few details we want you to be aware of. Don’t worry, we won’t make you write a test.

Rental Details

We have limited hours on Sundays, so pickups/returns are only available from 11:00 to 4:00pm that day. Rental charges do apply to Sunday, if your booking spans that day.

All canoe and kayak rentals come with the required equipment (2x PFD, 2x paddle, tie down kit, emergency kit).

Canoe/kayak rentals are limited to 1 boat per vehicle. 

To help keep the hulls of our boats in good shape, Wild Rock does not permit the use of ratchet straps when tying canoes or kayaks down.


All payments must be received through with a current credit card. A current credit card is required on file for all rentals at the time of booking. Debit visas are not eligible for rentals.

Pickups & Returns

Rental gear can be picked up and returned anytime during store hours Monday to Sunday. After hours pick up and drop offs are not permitted.

*Store hours are subject to change due to holiday weekends.

Cancellations & Extensions

If you want to cancel your booking, and provide more than 48 hours’ notice, you will receive a full refund. If bookings are cancelled less than 48 hours before your pickup date, Wild Rock Reserves the right to charge a 20% penalty fee. For example, a pick-up on Wednesday morning, it needs to be rescheduled by 10:00am on Monday morning. 

Bookings that go unfulfilled (IE. NO shows)  are non refundable.

Extensions to your booking can only be made subject to availability.

Late, Damaged, or Lost Gear

Late returns will be charged double the daily rental rate for each day late.

You are responsible for returning all rental equipment in reasonable clean, dry, working condition. If the equipment you return is damaged, needs repair or requires excessive cleaning, you’ll be responsible for those costs. You will be charged the full retail value plus a restocking fee of 10% for lost, stolen or destroyed rental equipment.

We recommend checking your home owners policy and/or credit card insurance policy regarding coverage on rented items.