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About Us – Our Story

Wild Rock Outfitters prides itself on being the destination for your outdoor pursuits. For three decades our crew have been busting their butts trying to be the best little privately owned store for the outdoor enthusiast and athlete. With a strong commitment to our community, we love nothing more than helping you get off the couch and into the playground of the great outdoors. Wild Rock continues to be dedicated to helping you Go Out and Play!

What makes us different?

There are many ways to spend your hard earned money these days. Since you’re reading this, there is a good chance you enjoy the outdoors and need some gear to get out there. Why visit Wild Rock? We have great product, fantastic brands, and a really nice looking store. The difference maker is the incredible staff we have here in our store. With a deep base of knowledge and years of experience, we are here to help guide you to find the best products to suit your needs and your budget. Price conscious? Check out Our Price Guarantee for some peace of mind.

Helping you Go Out and Play for 30 years - its what we do best!

Where did we come from?

We have been at this for 30 years now! How great is that! Want to know a little more about where we came from? How it all began? Why we chose Peterborough? Wild Rock is a locally owned, one store shop, with a strong tie to our community. Take a stroll down memory lane with us as we talk about our beginnings in this video to celebrate 30 years in business. 

Next, catch a glimpse of Wild Rock's future in our introduction to new majority owners Tori Silvera and Jeff Faulds.

We also created a video when we turned 20, and a lot of changed even in those 10 years.

Wild Rock Outfitters is 30

The Future Is Very Bright at Wild Rock Outfitters

20 Years of Wild Rock