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S/Max Skate (And Prolink Shift-In)

by Salomon
Original price $549.00 - Original price $769.00
Original price
$549.00 - $769.00
Current price $549.00
Color: One Color
Size: 170 (35-55kg) 2021 model

Salomon Skate Skis - S/SERIES

Size Chart

Bodyweight (kg)
Bodyweight (lbs)
35 - 50 kg
77 - 110 lbs
45 - 60 kg
99 - 132 lbs
50 - 70 kg
110 - 154 lbs
60 - 80 kg
132 - 176 lbs
70 - 90 kg
154 - 198 lbs
90 - 110 kg
198 - 242 lbs

How to Fit

Whether you're fitting skate skis or classic skis, your weight is the main factor in choosing the size of cross-country skis.

Stuck between 2 sizes?

  • If you're just getting started with cross-country skiing, we recommend the shorter ski. It will be easier to manage.
  • If your goal is to maximize your performance, we recommend the longer ski.

Designed to help you take your skate skiing skills to the next level this ski set is designed to help you raise to every challenge you set your mind to. Made to excel in all snow conditions it's delivered as a pack so you just have to slide the Shift-In binding on the plate and go!

The very lightweight Salomon S/Max Carbon Skate ski is built for speed, and will not disappoint those who like accelerating down the trail with ease. Exceptionally fast, the S/Max Carbon combines key snow-specific benefits of Salomon S-Lab skis into one highly versatile workhorse that glides well in every snow condition. Technologies like Thin Ply Carbon frame construction was only found earlier on Salomon’s top-of-the-line S/Lab Carbon, but has trickled down to the much more affordable S/Max Carbon.  The Thin Ply construction provides amazing torsional rigidity which results in greater stability and feather-light feel.  Universal skating camber adjustment and low riding responsive camber construction ensures precise power transfer and responsive propulsion. Lightning fast World Cup G5 Universal Base with World Cup universal grind makes them shine in all snow conditions. S-Core 45 is the perfect blend of lightness with the use of recycled PET and Proven durability with Densolite. The Salomon S/Max Carbon Skate is very close to a World Cup performance level skate ski, perfect for avid skiers and/or racers who like speedy, easy gliding skis. These skis will come pre-mounted with the Prolink Shift binding, which are some of the sleekest adjustable bindings on the market.