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Color: Black
Size: One Size

The Osprey Airporter Backpack Travel Cover is your ultimate travel companion, designed to protect your backpack from the rigors of transit. Crafted with durable materials, this cover ensures your pack remains unscathed from rough handling and adverse weather conditions. The lockable zippers add an extra layer of security, giving you peace of mind that your gear is safe. Sized medium, it fits backpacks ranging from 45 to 75 liters, making it versatile for various travel needs. Whether you're embarking on a weekend getaway or a long-haul adventure, the Osprey Airporter is an essential accessory for any traveler.

- **Durable Construction:** Shields your backpack from damage during transit.
- **Lockable Zippers:** Provides added security for your gear.
- **Medium Size:** Fits backpacks ranging from 45 to 75 liters.
- **Weather-Resistant:** Protects against adverse weather conditions.
- **Versatile Use:** Ideal for both short trips and extended travels.