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Grease for Shimano Shadow Rd+

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$33.99 - $33.99
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Color: One Color
Size: Y04121000

Introducing the Shimano Grease specifically designed for Shimano Shadow Rd+ rear derailleurs. This high-quality grease is formulated to ensure optimal performance and longevity of your Shimano Shadow Rd+ components. Weighing just 50 grams, this grease is lightweight and easy to apply, making maintenance a breeze. The Shimano Grease for Shadow Rd+ is engineered to provide excellent lubrication, corrosion resistance, and protection against wear, ensuring smooth and reliable shifting performance. This grease is compatible with a wide range of Shimano Shadow Rd+ rear derailleurs, making it a versatile choice for cyclists looking to keep their drivetrain in top condition. Trust Shimano's expertise and enhance the performance of your bike with the Shimano Grease for Shadow Rd+.