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ST-RX600 Grx Disc Brake Set

Original price $424.99 - Original price $424.99
Original price
$424.99 - $424.99
Current price $424.99
Color: One Color
Size: IRX4001DLF6SC100A

Experience superior braking performance with the Shimano ST-RX600 Grx Disc Brake Set. Weighing just 570 grams, this set is designed for gravel and adventure riding, offering precise control and reliability in various conditions. The set features hydraulic disc brakes for powerful stopping power, ensuring safety and confidence on any terrain. The ergonomic design of the levers provides comfortable and efficient braking, while the reach adjust feature allows for customization to suit individual preferences. With a sleek and durable construction, the Shimano ST-RX600 Grx Disc Brake Set is a top choice for cyclists seeking high-quality components for their bikes. Upgrade your braking system with this exceptional set and enjoy a smoother and more controlled riding experience.