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St-6700 R.H.Main Lever Support

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$64.99 - $64.99
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Color: Red
Size: One Size

The Shimano St-6700 R.H.Main Lever Support is a high-quality component designed for cyclists seeking precision and reliability. Weighing just 10 grams, this lever support is lightweight yet durable, ensuring optimal performance on the road. Crafted by Shimano, a trusted name in cycling gear, this support is compatible with the St-6700 series shifters, providing a seamless and efficient shifting experience. The St-6700 R.H.Main Lever Support features a sleek design and is made from premium materials to withstand the rigors of cycling. Enhance your riding experience with this essential component that offers smooth and responsive lever support. Upgrade your bike with the Shimano St-6700 R.H.Main Lever Support and enjoy a new level of control and comfort on your rides.