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Recovery Drink Mix 600g

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Flavour: Strawberries Cream

The Skratch recovery drink is designed specifically for the needs of endurance athletes. Its 4 to 1 carbohydrate to protein ratio helps replenish muscle glycogen stores, the primary endurance energy source.

Technically, our Recovery Sport Drink Mix is a 4 to 1 ratio of carbohydrate to protein, that’s designed to bring your blood sugar up fast. This causes the hormone insulin to spike, which is key to getting the sugar, electrolytes, fat, and protein in our Recovery Sport Drink Mix back into muscle fast. Basically, our Recovery Mix is really sweet milk* – like chocolate milk, but without a tongue-twisting list of excess ingredients and with a more optimized macronutrient profile for restoring muscle glycogen (aka, refueling).

But, the real magic is that our Recovery Sport Drink Mix actually tastes great. So great, that you might want to drink it all the time. The problem is that while there’s a scientific rationale for the high amount of sugar we use, it’s not an amount that’s healthy to consume if you just sat on your butt all day. 

Also, we know milk bends some people because they’re lactose intolerant, so we’ve added lactase to digest all the milk sugar.* We also know that after a super hard workout, your gut can be pretty fubarred, so we also added the probiotic bacillus coagulans 30 to make things better.

Refuel Faster
Complete milk protein (plant-based protein in our vegan mix) with a 4:1 carb-to-protein ratio that speeds recovery better than carbs or protein alone.

Rehydrate better
An electrolyte profile that matches what’s lost in sweat for improved hydration.

Easy to digest
Probiotics plus the enzyme lactase, to break down milk lactose for better digestion.

Meets special dietary needs
non-GMO, kosher, vegetarian, gluten-free, soy-free, rBGH-free*, vegan option available