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Big Adventures, Smaller Footprint: Changes to Wild Rock Travel

Big Adventures, Smaller Footprint: Changes to Wild Rock Travel

With Sustainability in Mind, We're Changing the Way We Travel

From the start, Wild Rock has prioritized community building and encouraging people to have fun outdoors. Wild Rock Travel (our cycling travel and tour business) grew organically from our own adventures and our desire to share these experiences with our many friends and customers. We’ve been incredibly fortunate to travel to amazing destinations and share memorable experiences with our clients.

Through the years, our clients and staff have experienced the many benefits of travel and cultural immersion. However, we have been reflecting on the core values that define Wild Rock, and promoting environmentally conscious enjoyment of the outdoors is a key feature. With that in mind, we have made the difficult decision to stop offering overseas travel. The environment just takes too heavy a toll when we travel by air.  We also realized that much of what made Wild Rock Travel so special wasn't the destinations we traveled to, but the people we traveled with and the communities we formed. As our business and the world around us evolves, we plan to focus on ways to bring people together to push their boundaries and enjoy time outside closer to home, while minimizing the impact we have on the environment. 

Graph of emissions data for Wild Rock Outfitters

Graph showing travel is by far the obstacle to Wild Rock's goal of reducing emissions

The decision to no longer travel with clients overseas has left us all with a sense of loss.  Although we believe deep in our hearts that it is the correct decision, we know we will have our work cut out for us when it comes to recreating some of that magic closer to home.  In the coming years, look for exciting developments that we hope satisfy our clients’ travel itch and provide exploration with a smaller footprint.

Visit our Small Roads Routes page to find cycling adventures close to home

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