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Happy Earth Day

Happy Earth Day
At Wild Rock, our dedication to sustainability goes beyond mere words; it's reflected in our tangible actions and measurable impact. Over the years, we've made significant strides in reducing our carbon footprint, with our total emissions decreasing by over 80% since 2018. Through initiatives like utilizing renewable energy credits and sourcing our electricity and natural gas from eco-conscious providers such as The Bullfrog Company, we've saved literal tons of CO2 emissions. These efforts aren't just about meeting targets or checking boxes; they're about making a real difference for our planet and future generations.
Drawing inspiration from environmentally conscious companies like Patagonia, Icebreaker, Cotopaxi, and The North Face, we've learned that sustainability isn't just a goal to achieve—it's a journey of continuous improvement. By aligning ourselves with these industry leaders and adopting their best practices, we've been able to stay at the forefront of sustainable business operations.
The Tompkinses (Owner of @TheNorthFace) were focused on park creation, wildlife recovery, ecological agriculture, and activism, with the goal of saving biodiversity. He had assembled and preserved the land which became the largest gift of private land (over 10 million acres) to any South American government. Due to this, he was posthumously naturalized Chilean.
Patagonia founder Yvon Chouinard, who turned his passion for rock climbing into one of the world’s most successful sportswear brands, is giving the entire company to a uniquely structured trust and non-profit, designed to pump all of the company’s profits into saving the planet.
Wild Rock's Kieran Andrews has in Wild Rock's small way started to emulate some of our heroes by creating The ComPassson Project. The Wild Rock ComPassion Project will educate people about community agencies and volunteer opportunities, as well as raise money and grant funds to the hard-working organizations on the front lines.
Making tough decisions is part of our commitment to sustainability. We've had to reevaluate our practices and sometimes make sacrifices for the greater good. For instance, cancelling international travel due to the environmental costs associated with air travel was a difficult choice, but one we knew was necessary to uphold our values and reduce our ecological impact.
As we look towards the future, we're mindful of the urgent need for change. Our current lifestyle is unsustainable, and addressing climate change requires bold action. But we remain optimistic about the possibilities. Embracing sustainability doesn't mean sacrificing happiness or inspiration; rather, it opens up new opportunities for innovation and growth.
Our journey towards sustainability is far from over, and we're excited to continue making a positive impact. By championing renewable energy, learning from industry leaders, making tough decisions, and envisioning a more sustainable future, we're leading the way toward a greener, more prosperous world. We invite you to join us on this journey. Together, we can build a brighter future for all—one eco-friendly decision at a time.
Happy Earth Day!
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