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Free Shipping July 16th - 17th!
Free Shipping July 16th - 17th!

The Bike Story for 2021

The Bike Story for 2021 | Wild Rock Outfitters

Like many other industries, the bike industry is struggling with increased demand and supply chain issues. Bikes, as the most efficient vehicle to move a human, seem to be simple but are made of hundreds of small parts. If any of these small parts are missing or late, the bicycle can’t be finished and shipped to a store.

Wild Rock has scoured the country for bikes to sell from Trek, Cannondale, Cervelo, Santa Cruz, Salsa and many other smaller brands. We placed our first summer 2021 orders in June of 2020 and have added bikes whenever they have become available but we will not have enough to satisfy demand this year and have no means to purchase more. We know what we have coming but many of the delivery dates extend into fall 2021. Santa Cruz and Cervelo have already announced they can fulfill most of our spring orders but other than that are sold out already for 2021.

What does this mean for a person in Peterborough shopping for a bicycle?

  1. We would love for you to give us a try to see if we can get a bike that suits your needs. We are reserving bikes now for spring and summer deliveries. If we can’t get one we will be frank and to the point and steer you towards other shops that might have stock. More than 20% of all our bikes coming in the next 8 months are already presold. You can fill out our Bike Finder here.
  2. Bike shopping will be different this summer. In years past we got a lot of bikes in the spring and had a selection of mountain, hybrid, road, gravel, kids and other bikes. You could compare models, makes and price points all live on the floor. We could often order your preferred colour and size and get the bike within a week or two. Spring 2021 will see lumps of bikes delivered sporadically over the year. Some weeks we will have a lot of mountain bikes and no road bikes, other weeks we will have road but no gravel, spring will see no hybrids but late summer will. It is not a Wild Rock thing; this will be experienced all over North America. We have included a rough map below of when bikes are coming so you can see when we will have bikes. In it you can see a great number of bikes won’t be in North America until mid to late summer.
  3. We will revise our used market as the season approaches to make used bike sales easier and safer. Used bikes from us are inspected and priced to their condition. Check out used bikes here.
  4. The dates we get from manufacturers change weekly and we constantly update our records. If you have a bike reserved with us whose delivery date has changed by more than 2 weeks we will contact you in February and you can chose to keep the order or have your deposit refunded.
  5. We will continue to hustle for our Peterborough clients and update you with information as the season approaches.

Thank you for supporting us this year. Peterborough has been a great place to work and live.



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