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Welcome to the Journal

Welcome to the Journal | Wild Rock Outfitters


The Journal is the space to Go Out and Play with Wild Rock

Shoulder Season. This is the time of the year that many of us seem to exist in a state of flux. With the snow eeking away, the temperatures still a little chilly, we quite often sit in a stalemate with Mother Nature to get outside and enjoy those things we love to do. The transition from winter to spring sees many of us sitting down with a cup of coffee and planning a seasons worth of adventure, travel, and good old-fashioned fun.

This is the time of the year at Wild Rock where we do pretty much the same thing. It's transition time, the new gear for the season starts rolling in daily, and we begin to change over the store to spring and bring all those new bikes, boats, shoes, clothes, and camping gear up onto the sales floor for you to oogle over! As busy as we are getting ready many of us, just like you, are daydreaming of warmer temperatures to get out on our bikes, the ice to leave the rivers to paddle , and the trails to dry out to head into the woods.

In the spirit of transition, Spring also kicks off the launch of our new digital home - let's call it Web2.0. We had a major change to our web presence at our 20th Anniversary, and now as we celebrate 25 years it is time for a new look and direction. What you will see on our new website is a focus on what we do best, and what sets us apart from all those other places you could go shopping for your new gear. That focus is on our community. In 2018 you will see more events, workshops, rides, daytrips, and get to know our staff on a deeper level. Web2.0 is a work in progress, so make sure you drop by frequently to see what we have coming your way.

Which brings us here. To the launch of The Journal. Our vision with The Journal is to give you a spot to come back to, a place to go on an adventure with us, to get to know our staff and community, and learn about our favourite new gear to play outside with. Many moons ago we regularly shared stories and writing contributions from our staff and friends, and we are really looking forward to bringing some of this great content back to you.

So let's get this thing started - here is to shoulder season, the time of year to get pumped for what lays ahead - can't wait for you to join us!

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