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Where To Fat Bike In The Kawarthas

Where To Fat Bike In The Kawarthas

Shoulder seasons seemingly last forever these days. With the colder temperatures and the lack of snow, it can leave a few of us feeling a little stir-crazy. I know speaking for myself, I have a hard time sitting still a lot of the time. Finding the perfect athletic outlet during these months can be hard. But there is one sport that doesn’t require snow, dry dirt or the roads - Fat Biking. If you are anything like me - you’ve dived head first without a lot of forethought. You have the bike, the clothing and the rest of the gear to make a day of it. But you left one big thing out…

Where do you go?

1 Jackson Park

The best part about Jackson Park is that it is within the city limits - you could ride here if you wanted. There is about 10ish Km of trail that surrounds the crushed limestone trail, most of these run parallel with the river. 

2 Harold Town CA

Home of the Peterborough Trailbuilders Association, Harold Town CA is the mountain bikers paradise. The mountain bike trails also work extremely well for a fat bike. It's easy to get turned around here, make sure to bring a phone loaded with Trailforks

3 Millbrook Valley Trails

Millbrook is always worth the time spent in the car - especially when it comes to cycling. The Millbrook MTB group have done a fantastic job setting these trails up for all levels of enjoyment. When the snow flies, these trails are properly groomed. Be sure to check out their club here

4 Northumberland Forest.

The furthest of the bunch (from our store) but one of the best kept secrets around. Northumberland Forest offers wide, smooth and fast trails - perfect for a fat bike. With lots of elevation change, this place will keep you entertained all day.

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