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Brayden's Best Gravel

113.8 km


5.5 hours

Average time





959 m

Total Ascent

262 m

Highest Point

The challenge we put to local riders is to explore beyond habitual rides; to ride some of the quiet, rarely visited roads that make our region special.  Each of the routes we have selected is challenging but with each hill, riders are rewarded with both great views and a deep sense of accomplishment.  

This is arguably the best route if you want to tick off some of the gravel classics of the area.

Over time, every cyclist develops their own collection of go-to routes. These are the routes that you jump on your bike and ride without really thinking about it too much. You know exactly how long it’s going to take and where you might stop for a coffee. This is one of those gravel routes that sits at the very top of my list of go-to's! I will often ride this route several times a season as it just seems to check all the right boxes:

Casual and slightly downhill rail trail start – check

Coffee and snack option 40km in – check

Fast and flowy road allowance – check

On this route, you’ll find yourself riding a combination of the smooth crushed limestone rail trail, scenic gravel roads and a few short sections of smooth pavement. To make a day of it, start off with breakfast at the Silver Bean and finish with lunch and a cold one on the Ashburnham Ale House patio!

Route Notes:

KM 38 – Hastings provides several good options for coffee and snacks. Our favourites are the Nook café and Bridgewater Coffee and Pizza. There is a convenience store at the main corner for a fast and easy refill. 

KM 53 – Crossing HWY 7 sometimes requires a bit of patience. Once you cross, ride on the shoulder for 300m and take your first right on 

KM 60 – You’ve reached the Hannon Road allowance! You’ll know you’re in the right place if it initially feels like you’re riding down someone’s driveway. Hold on for a couple of KM of flowy fun trail – for all  the Strava lovers out there, this is a segment called Everybody Limbo.  Give it your best shot! 

KM 78 - To add a second refuel stop in Warsaw, take a left off of the 4th line onto Douglas Rd. and continue to Warsaw via Rock Rd. Rejoin the route via Payne Line.

Take the Road Less Traveled