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Never Too Far From Home - 65Km

65 km


3 hours

Average time





512 m

Total Ascent

270 m

Highest Point

The challenge we put to local riders is to explore beyond habitual rides; to ride some of the quiet, rarely visited roads that make our region special.  Each of the routes we have selected is challenging but with each hill, riders are rewarded with both great views and a deep sense of accomplishment.  

We like this route a lot. Most of the roads are exceptionally quiet and much of the route has a far-away feel about it. While never straying far from Peterborough there are a few surprises along the way. Riders can expect to see some absolutely enormous osprey nests even before the first sight of Rice Lake while the height-of-land on Scriven Road offers up far-away views to the north. But mostly, the roads are quietly tucked away in the trees.

This is a ride that can be done quickly after work but is better savoured over an afternoon. The route is about 80% what we call Good Gravel. As riders will be on small roads the whole way there is really nowhere to resupply, so plan to have ample food and water on board.

Take the Road Less Traveled