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Free Shipping July 16th - 17th!
Free Shipping July 16th - 17th!

Rice Lake Loop - Mostly Asphalt - 125Km

125 km


5.5 hours

Average time





1332 m

Total Ascent

295 m

Highest Point

The challenge we put to local riders is to explore beyond habitual rides; to ride some of the quiet, rarely visited roads that make our region special.  Each of the routes we have selected is challenging but with each hill, riders are rewarded with both great views and a deep sense of accomplishment.  

This is simply a great, long day on the bike! The only challenge is that it is committing. This route differs from most in the county in that once you start around the lake there is no cutting it short …unless you throw your bike into the lake and start on a long swim instead. The route is pretty almost all the way around although there are a few areas with a bit more traffic closer to the beginning and end on the route. There are a few nice climbs on the south side of Rice Lake as well as a couple of places to stop along the way.

Because of the commitment this ride has an epic feel to it. I believe it is best done in the spring or fall with a like-minded group of friends. The cottage traffic can be a nuisance so if you wish to ride this in the summer months it is best to choose a weekday or make an early start.

Take the Road Less Traveled