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Backroad - Southern Ontario

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The second edition of the Southern Ontario Mapbook features clearly defined Crown land and County Forest Tracts, along with countless updated trails and roads. The Bruce Trail and Trans Canada Trail have been recharted and there are more than 350 other trails highlighted. ATV riders will find several riding areas and snowmobilers can explore over 70 trails through OFSC Regions 4, 5, 8 and 9. In addition, contact information is provided for local ATV and snowmobile clubs. Anglers will find stocking charts and information on 250 lakes and rivers, paddlers can explore 30 lake and river routes, and hunters have maps and descriptions to all 45 WMUs in the area. Rounding out the mapbook are over 40 natural and manmade attractions and museums, National and Provincial Parks, Conservation Areas and over 80 routes for winter exploration.