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G05A-RX Resin Pad W/O Fin, W/Spring, W/Split Pin, 25 Pairs

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Color: One Color

Introducing the Shimano G05A-RX Resin Pad, a high-quality braking solution designed for optimal performance. Weighing in at a lightweight 25 pairs, these pads are engineered to deliver reliable stopping power for your cycling needs. The G05A-RX Resin Pads come equipped with a spring and split pin for easy installation and maintenance. Crafted with precision by Shimano, these pads ensure smooth and consistent braking, enhancing your overall riding experience. The resin material offers excellent modulation and durability, making them suitable for various riding conditions. Upgrade your braking system with the Shimano G05A-RX Resin Pad for a reliable and efficient cycling experience.