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Rolling Transporter 90

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Color: Black
Size: One Size

Introducing the Rolling Transporter 90 by Osprey, the ultimate travel companion for adventurers. Combining the best of duffel bags and rolling luggage, this pack is designed to be truly AdventureProof. With ultra-durable construction and all-terrain wheels, it’s built to go where other packs can’t. The HighRoad chassis, made from ABS polymer materials, and extra-large polyurethane wheels ensure a smooth ride over rough terrain. The retractable ErgoGrip handle allows for easy rolling and control. Crafted from tough TPU laminated nylon, the Rolling Transporter 90 offers exceptional durability while remaining lightweight.

- **HighRoad Chassis:** ABS polymer materials for durability and stability.
- **All-Terrain Wheels:** Extra-large polyurethane wheels for smooth travel over rough terrain.
- **ErgoGrip Handle:** Retractable handle for easy rolling and control.
- **Durable Construction:** Made from TPU laminated nylon for exceptional toughness.
- **AdventureProof Design:** Combines the best of duffel bags and rolling luggage for versatile travel.