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Run Support Low Arch (Carbon)

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Color: Gray
Size: 11.5–13 Men / 12.5–14 Women (F)

Enhance your running and walking experience with Superfeet Run Support Low Arch insoles. Designed to provide stability and comfort, these insoles are perfect for those with low arches. Here are some key features:

- EVOLyte carbon fiber cap for responsive support
- Thin, high-density comfort foam for added cushioning
- Smooth and efficient energy transfer from foot strike to toe-off
- Thin profile fits well in slim-fitting running and walking shoes

Say goodbye to fatigue and hello to improved efficiency with these insoles. Whether you're hitting the pavement for a run or simply going for a walk, Superfeet has got you covered. Upgrade your footwear with the Run Support Low Arch insoles and feel the difference in every step.