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Disc Brake Adapter, Ma90, for 160mm Or 180mm Rotor

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$23.99 - $23.99
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Color: One Color
Size: ISMMA90F180PPC

Introducing the Shimano Disc Brake Adapter, Ma90, designed for 160mm or 180mm rotors. This precision-engineered adapter ensures seamless compatibility and optimal performance for your braking system. Crafted with high-quality materials, the Shimano Disc Brake Adapter is both durable and lightweight, weighing only X grams. Its sleek design and reliable construction make it a must-have component for cyclists seeking enhanced braking efficiency. The adapter features a secure fit and easy installation process, guaranteeing a hassle-free upgrade to your bike's braking setup. Trust in Shimano's reputation for innovation and quality with the Disc Brake Adapter, Ma90, and experience superior braking control on your rides. Elevate your cycling experience with this essential accessory from Shimano.