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SM-Bbr60 Bottom Bracket

Original price $42.99 - Original price $42.99
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$42.99 - $42.99
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Color: One Color

Introducing the Shimano SM-Bbr60 Bottom Bracket, a high-quality component designed to enhance your cycling experience. Weighing in at a lightweight 77 grams, this bottom bracket is crafted with precision engineering to ensure optimal performance and durability. The SM-Bbr60 features a durable construction and smooth rotation, providing a reliable foundation for your bike's drivetrain. With its thread type compatibility, this bottom bracket is suitable for a wide range of bike frames. Whether you're a casual rider or a competitive cyclist, the Shimano SM-Bbr60 Bottom Bracket offers smooth pedaling efficiency and long-lasting reliability. Upgrade your bike with this essential component and enjoy a smoother, more efficient ride on every journey.