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TL-Ct12 Cable Cutter

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$91.99 - $91.99
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Color: One Color
Size: Y09898010

The Shimano TL-Ct12 Cable Cutter is a precision tool designed for cutting inner and outer bike cables with ease and accuracy. Weighing just 160g, this lightweight cutter is a must-have for any cyclist or bike mechanic. Its sharp cutting blades ensure clean and precise cuts, while the ergonomic handle provides a comfortable grip for extended use. The TL-Ct12 Cable Cutter is compatible with a wide range of cable types and sizes, making it versatile for various bike maintenance tasks. With a durable construction and reliable performance, this tool is a valuable addition to any bike repair kit. Trust Shimano's reputation for quality and innovation with the TL-Ct12 Cable Cutter for all your cable cutting needs.