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Dragonfly Bikepack Tent

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Color: Boreal
Size: 1P

**Dragonfly Bikepack Tent by NEMO**

Introducing the Dragonfly Bikepack Tent by NEMO, a premium and innovative shelter designed specifically for bikepacking adventures. This tent is engineered to provide the perfect balance of lightweight portability and spacious comfort, making it an essential companion for your next trek.

**Why Choose the Dragonfly Bikepack Tent?**

The Dragonfly Bikepack Tent is crafted from high-quality materials and features a tapered design that ensures weight savings without compromising on livable space. Its large vestibule, equipped with a Landing Zone storage tub, offers excellent gear organization and protection, keeping your essentials safe and accessible. The tent meets CSGB-182.1 requirements, ensuring no restricted substances are used for flame resistance, making it a safe choice for your outdoor escapades.

The integrated 30D Nylon tub provides an ultralight, waterproof floor, while the premium 15D Nylon Ripstop fly, treated with silicone and polyurethane coatings, guarantees reliable weather protection. The daisy chain webbing allows for efficient gear organization and serves as a drying rack under the fly. Trapezoidal vestibules are designed to fit your gear without obstructing entry, and multiple roll-back points offer customization to suit your needs.

**Key Features:**
- **Premium Materials and Tapered Design:** Ensures weight savings without compromising livable space.
- **Large Vestibule with Landing Zone Storage Tub:** Provides excellent gear organization and protection.
- **Flame-Resistant:** Meets CSGB-182.1 requirements with no restricted substances.
- **Ultralight, Waterproof Floor:** Integrated 30D Nylon tub for reliable protection.
- **Weather Protection:** Premium 15D Nylon Ripstop fly with silicone and polyurethane coatings.
- **Daisy Chain Webbing:** For efficient gear organization and drying rack under the fly.
- **Trapezoidal Vestibules:** Fit gear without obstructing entry, with multiple roll-back points for customization.

Experience the comfort and convenience of the Dragonfly Bikepack Tent on your next outdoor adventure. Choose NEMO for your bikepacking needs and enjoy the great outdoors with confidence.