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Go Out & Play Consultations & Private Shopping

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If you are thinking of buying your dream bike or planning the trip of a lifetime, the Wild Rock Consultation Service is the best way for you to access the experience of our talented team.  You will have the chance to work directly with one of our specialists who will be solely focused on your needs and will work within your schedule.  

Our consultation service begins with an initial phone call (5-15 mins) to ensure we connect you with the right expert at a time that's convenient for you.  Once we have selected the right member of our talented and experienced team we will arrange a personalized 1-2 hour consultation, either in-store or online, that suits both your needs and schedule.  

*If you choose to make a purchase during your consultation, your FULL payment for the appointment will be applied as a credit toward your gear! 

*If we don’t feel that we have just the right person on our team to offer you a level of service that our customers demand and that we are proud to deliver, we will refund the consultation fee in full.  

Here at Wild Rock we know that making large purchases or planning big trips can be both intimidating and time-consuming.  For many of our customers these one-time decisions can be overwhelming but we have been guiding our customers through these purchases and events every day for years!  We are good at it and we love it!

We have experts at the ready with professional advice and experience equipping folks for local & international cycling, hiking in Nepal, paddling Northern Canada, and vacations to the Azores. We've hiked the Camino, bike-packed to Thunder Bay, climbed in Vietnam, ridden Whistler double black diamonds, raced Unbound, paddled The Mountain River and so much more.

Although we may not have been exactly where you are going, our skills and experience are paired with deep knowledge of the gear we sell so that we can offer focused, curated assistance for almost any adventure. 

Life is busy these days and we know that every moment is valuable.  Our consultation service works on your schedule (wherever possible) and ensures that you get dedicated, personalized service.