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Happy 2023 Pride!

Happy 2023 Pride!

Hi and Happy Pride, Wild Rock community! 

So many of us seek solace and adrenaline on the trails and the water. At Wild Rock, we believe that everyone should have access to outdoor spaces where we can Go Out & Play, and where we can carry our identities without fear or judgment. Everyone should feel welcome on the trails, regardless of sexuality, gender, race, appearance, ability, or beliefs. The variety of outside people in this community is part of what makes it so incredible. 

As a queer person and a co-pilot here at Wild Rock, I’m so excited that June is Pride month - it’s one of the best months for outdoor adventure in Ontario! Thank you for being here, for supporting us and our local trails and organizations, and for bringing your unique colour to this rainbow of recreation. We’re so grateful to continue to serve you in your outdoor pursuits.

Stay proud, keep the bug jacket handy, and high-five your LGBTQI+ loved ones (self-high-fives are also encouraged). Whether it’s here in the shop or out on the trail, we look forward to seeing you soon! 

  • Tori
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