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Justin Sets a New FKT on the COLT Bikepacking Route

Justin Sets a New FKT on the COLT Bikepacking Route | Wild Rock Outfitters

Photos by Justin Ross

For those who may be unfamiliar with the term ultra-endurance bike packing; it’s the fringe sport of completing multi day bike packing routes as quickly as possible. You ride with a packed bike, often through the darkness of the night - battling mechanicals, sleep deprivation and the mental gymnastics required to stay motivated. While it’s not a new concept, it’s a sport that has certainly been growing in popularity, with the rise of bikepacking as a whole. In August 2021, staff member Justin Ross set a new FKT (fastest known time) on the COLT bikepacking route. He completed the 460km route in 26hr 54min 17sec car to car. He rode through the dark, only stopping for food and water at gas stations, corner stores and the lonely Tim Hortons in Bancroft. 

For those who don’t know, the COLT is a bike packing route through central Ontario. It was originally created by Miles Arbour back in 2016 and spans 460km from Fenelon Falls to Port Hope, Port Hope to Trenton, Trenton to Bancroft and Bancroft back to Fenelon Falls. It follows a labyrinth of old rail trail, ATV trails and the waterfront trail. It’s known for being heinous, sandy and unforgiving to people adventuring on two wheels. For most cyclists, this route is best served over the course of a week, giving opportunities to sample patios, see landmarks and take in the beauty that Ontario has to offer. In a typical fashion, most bikes will be kitted with tents, sleeping bags, extra clothes and ways to cook food. When you are going for a speed record, however, a lot of those items can be removed - opting for a fast and light operation. Have a browse below to see what Justin brought along with him.

Closeup image of Justin's dusty chainrings Closeup image of Justin's tires Closeup image of Justin's handlebars & shifter



Closeup image of Justin's water bottles and top tube bag on the bike Photo of Justin's electronics laid out on the grass


  • Pro Discover Team Gravel top tube bag
  • Pro Discover Team Gravel seat bag
  • Pro Discover frame bag
  • Camelbak Chase vest



    • Spare tube x2
    • Patch kit
    • Tire levers
    • Hand pump
    • C02 x4
    • Co2 head
    • Multi tool
    • Chain breaker
    • Chain link
    • Chain lube
    • Zip ties
    • Valve cores
    • Presta Schrader adapter


    Justin's hydration laid out on the grass (CamelBak pack and 2 water bottles) A photo of Justin's handlbar bag packed with the essentials: butter tarts and peperettes Justin's personal and maintenance items laid out on the grass

    Personal Items

    • First aid kit
    • Knife
    • Lighter
    • Emergency blanket
    • Shit kit
    • Chamois cream
    • Face mask
    • Be Free micro filter
    • ChapStick
    • Extra ski straps

    Clothing Items




    For those wishing to enjoy a few days on the COLT, you can find the route at

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