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Our Favourite Trails in the Kawarthas

Our Favourite Trails in the Kawarthas | Wild Rock Outfitters

What's a person to do when you're craving new scenery but a trip somewhere far isn't in the cards? Go explore a new trail, of course! We're so lucky to have an abundance of excellent hiking trails in Peterborough and the Kawarthas.

Read on for some of our favourite family-friendly hikes that are less busy than Jackson's Park, Harold Town and the Trent Sanctuary:

Fleetwood Creek

Fleetwood Creek Natural Area

The Fleetwood Creek area is tucked away just outside Bethany, and it’s part of the Oak Ridges Moraine, an environmentally significant landform here in Ontario. There are several looped trails and a variety of landscapes - from open meadows to deciduous forest, cold water streams and cedar lined valleys. This area is wonderfully secluded, and you have your choice of trail - stick to the unassumed road or the two marked trails.

What to do: hiking, biking, bird/wildlife watching, skiing and snowshoeing

Time to explore: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate difficulty

Don’t miss: There's a lookout with spectacular views of the valley (especially in fall), and keep your eyes peeled for wildlife - we've seen deer, plenty of birds and porcupine.

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Millbrook Valley Trails

Millbrook Valley Trails 

The Millbrook Valley Trails are a network of trails looping around Medd's Mountain Conservation Area, south of Millbrook. The trails are part of the Oak Ridges Moraine and wind through forests, wetlands and meadows, with plenty of views of Baxter Creek and scenic lookouts.

What to do: hiking, bird/wildlife watching, snowshoeing and mountain biking (on Station Trail and trails south of Zion Line)

Time to explore: 2-3 hours

Difficulty: Moderate difficulty

Don’t miss: Near the start of the trail, you'll find yourself walking on an old railway berm (over 150 years old!) - this used to be a trestle bridge, and the ground below has filled in over the years. The views up here are impressive, to say the least!

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Miller's Creek Conservation Area

Miller's Creek Wildlife Area 

Miller's Creek is located in Bridgenorth, and is a great spot for a meandering stroll. The area is a provincially significant wetland, which makes it abundant with wildlife. The main 1 km trail leads features an open meadow which leads you to a wildlife viewing platform, and there are several side trails through wooded areas and along the wetland.

What to do: hiking, bird/wildlife watching, and cross-country skiing

Time to explore: <1 hour

Difficulty: Easy

Don’t miss: Spend some time on the viewing platform and see if you can spot any wildlife. We've seen all kinds of birds, including Great Blue Heron, Redwing Blackbird, and Osprey.

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