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Rad Women in Peterborough

Rad Women in Peterborough | Wild Rock Outfitters

Meet some rad women in our community. These women are fearless, change-makers, inspiring as all get-out, and we couldn't be more honoured to know them.

Here's your chance to get to know them, too:


One cannot say enough good things about Erin! This wonderful human is a fantastic community builder who has supported the growth and expansion of the women’s cycling community here in Peterborough. Erin is a warm, welcoming and highly encouraging individual who is able to connect with people on a personal level and help them reach a new personal best or discover a love of riding. When it comes to cycling, Erin loves the physical challenge it presents and the knowledge that she is getting better with every pedal stroke, eventually leading to excitement when she achieves her riding goals. One of her ongoing goals is to get as many good people as she can out and riding so it can be as much fun as it can be. When she is not biking she is a super-mom who also runs a home childcare business encouraging a love of learning in young minds. If you are interested in getting involved with cycling, check out the PCC or the Wild Rock Women’s cycling programs.


Peterborough doesn’t need a friendly neighbourhood Spiderman to show us how to climb, we have our very own May Myklebust. As a fixture in the local climbing community, and co-owner of Rock and Rope, May has been highly influential in the growth and development of the local climbing community. Her climbing has taken her all over Canada and the United states, including one memorable trip to The Flat Irons in Boulder Colorado. May is a college biology prof with a PHD in ecology and is currently teaching in Kelowna, spending her spare time exploring new and exciting crags. Her quiet, confident, kind, and supportive demeanour is missed and we look forward to hearing all her wonderful stories when she returns.


Kayla Stanistreet fancies herself a yogi, entrepreneur, aerial circus artist and multi-faceted human being. She has been practicing handstands for most of her life and still feels like an amateur. She loves how challenging and playful they are, and that she can bust one out anywhere, anytime. Kayla is also the co-creator of Salti Yoga.


This trail blazer extraordinaire is funny, passionate, and hungry (for victory and food)! With a passion for wilderness and a love of running, trail running was a natural fit. Her involvement in trail running has allowed Anne to venture all over Ontario competing in various races (and securing podium finishes). As her passion for the sport has grown so too have her ambitions. With her sights set on competing in mountain races next, she will take her trail running to new heights.


Heather Casey is one of the founders and leaders of Simply SUP and is the driving force behind the Kawartha Paddle Quest (June 22nd). She is a strong leader who describes herself as stubborn and adventurous. Her passion for the water stems from her desire to get outside and explore while finding the perfect balance of relaxation and physical fitness. Heather’s competitive spirit has taken her to races all over North America, including one memorable 80km race on the Lake of Bays where she had to battle through high winds and big waves. When she is not crushing it on the water Heather manages the local Assante Investment Group and is a highly successful member of the business community. Did we also mention she has completed an Ironman? Talk about being an all-around amazing human!


There are good people, there are great people, and then there is Rebecca. A fixture in the Peterborough cycling community and the driving force behind the growth and prominence of women’s cycling in our fair city, Rebecca is an absolute legend! An avid and passionate cyclist, Rebecca excels at all three disciplines of cyclin:, road, mountain, and cross, and is always happy to share her knowledge and help mentor others. Rebecca is the organizer for the Wild Rock women’s cycling clinics, the annual women’s 100km ride, and a highly involved member of the PCC. Aside from being amazing on a bike, Rebecca is also a fantastic mom and is currently teaching mathematics at Fleming College. If you are looking to get involved in the women’s cycling community, check out Wild Rock’s women’s cycling clinics.


No Man’s Land seeks to empower female athletes and un-define what it means to be a female athlete in outdoor adventure sports. Jenna Buck, a local entrepreneur, embodies this concept. Jenna started the Little Expedition Company with the purpose of empowering women and providing them with the skills and tools to embrace the outdoors. An avid hiker and passionate outdoor enthusiast, Jenna has her eyes set on hiking all of the 46ers (46 highest peaks in the Adirondacks). When she is not crushing peaks and helping people push through their perceived limits she is a wonderful stay at home mom to 3 kids under five; a task that she says is far more difficult than climbing mountains.


As an entrepreneur, mom and athlete, Tara Meldrum turns to yoga to explore a softer side of movement. She has been practicing yoga for more than 10 years and teaching yoga for 7. Tara loves the way the practice challenges her every time she comes to her mat. Tara is the co-creator of Salti Yoga.


This highly active mother daughter duo is an excellent example of some of the amazing female athletes we have here in Peterborough. Katy, a Cardiac Surgeon, is an avid and accomplished cyclist. Together with her daughter Reese she has raised over $25,000 for MS research in the past three years. Reese, while a good cyclist, is a phenomenal climber. At the age of 13 Reese is one of the best local climbers and qualified for Difficulty Nationals in her age category in 2018. She has her eyes set on once again qualifying for Canadian Nationals and taking her dream one step further by making the World Youth Team.

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