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The Low Down: How To Fix A Flat

The Low Down: How To Fix A Flat

Flats. Everyone gets them, but not everyone knows how to fix them.

Before we start, there will always be a few tools you’ll want to bring on a ride. Most of those things can be found in a kit, but what you’ll want is a:

Multi-tool, Tire levers, hand pump/co2 and an extra tube.

So now that you know What you’ll need, let's talk about how you'll use them.

Step one: Take your wheel off the bike. It’s essential that that comes off.

Step two: With your tire lever, pop the bead off the rim, you’ll only need to do this on ONE side.

Step three: unthread the valve and pull your old tube out of the tire.

Step four: Unravel your new tube and fill it with just a little bit of air, this will help give it shape.

Step five: pop that baby in the tire, thread the valve ring back on and replace the tire on the bead.

Step six: Fill your tire back up and place it back on the bike

Now that you've got the knowledge and understanding it’s time to put these skills to use. It’s always worth doing this a few times at home before you’ll need to do this in the real world. 

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