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Our Team

Kieran Andrews

Kieran is one of our co-founders here at Wild Rock. He does a little bit of everything, but spends most of his time on the cycling side of our business. Find him on the retail floor, guiding you on our cycling trips, and advocating for the local community on topics around tourism and urban planning.

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Scott Murison

The other half of the team the founded Wild Rock. Scott also knows the ins and outs of each department. Behind the scenes, he is our numbers guy, making sure we keep the lights on year after year. You can also find him on the retail floor and encouraging you on our cycling trips.

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Jon Moreno

Jon has been a leading figure of the Wild Rock team for 25 years, and a co-owner. He is our Camping/Paddling Department Manager and has incredible knowledge of local parks and waterways, He is very active in the cyclocross community and puts on our various film festivals as well.

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Tori Silvera

Tori is our General Manager, so she keeps the Wild Rock wheels turning and the adventures happening. She's an avid rock climber, a slow-speed cyclist, and has a penchant for sleeping in tents after walking a long way. Tori's also a customer service leader, making sure you have a friendly, honest, and informative shopping experience. Be sure to ask her about her experiences hiking through Iceland, motorcycling in Vietnam, or escaping flash-floods while climbing in Utah.

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Jeff Faulds

Jeff is Wild Rock's Aerobic Sports Manager, and he's been a fixture of Ptbo's cycling community for years, namely as President of the PCC. He also races DH (downhill bikes), Enduro, XC, cyclocross and gravel for fun.

Brayden McGregor

A cycling super-specialist, Brayden is a key player in our bike department, and during the winter he manages our nordic ski business. He's also the manager of Wild Rock Travel. Find Brayden on the sales floor, answering all your questions about our cycling trips, and leading the way once you arrive.

Alex Groenke

Alex spends his time both behind the scenes, and working closely with customers. He takes care of out-of-norm transactions, like warranty claims and special orders. The rest of the time, Alex helps you get really comfy on your bike as our bike fit specialist, and plans all of our mountain bike trips.

Justin Ross

Justin is the guy with the camera and social media savvy. You'll find him in the office, on the retail floor, answering your questions on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook, and working the Wild Rock tent at our community events.

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John Hauser

John Hauser

John runs Wild Rock's bike service department, ensuring your bike rolls smoothly and efficiently. He is also an event organizer for the growing cyclocross community, and has been known to test his endurance in a variety of disciplines, including skiing.

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Calum Wilkinson

Calum is Wild Rock's resident mountain bike specialist, and one of our experienced bike shop Technicians.