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Wild Rock Will Be Closed October 3rd & 4th For A Planning Event.
Wild Rock Will Be Closed October 3rd & 4th For A Planning Event.

Our Team

Scott Murison

Silver Back and Long Term Planning... or Co-Founder and CFO?

"My most important task is keeping Wild Rock on the rails in terms of strategy and direction. Day to day you can find me helping customers with bikes and skis. Some special areas I have experience in are cycling trip logistics, bike fitting, training and nutrition. I think my most critical skill is outside the box thinking and knowing when to holdem' and when to fold em' risk assessments."

Favourite Music: Rage Against the Machine, The Offspring, Rodrigo Y Gabriela, Van Morrison and Earth Wind and Fire.

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Rolling on two wheels. Road cycling on Thursday night PCC rides, mountain biking with family and friends, racing cyclocross or riding my Beta in enduros.

"I am so fortunate to be part of two families; I have 2 kids Jens and Clara and my wife is Kathy Eggenberger. My household family keeps me young as we play and race on wheels, on foot and skis. When not in motion we can be found at the cottage or playing cards at home in the evening. My second family is the Wild Rock crew; this gang has my back when times are tough, push me to do things better, expand my comprehension of what is possible day to day. Our staff have so many incredible back stories they could make an epic mini series.

Things that might not be obvious about me is I am financial nerd and would love to chat with you about economics. I believe strongly in helping those who have not been afforded the good luck and DNA that I have enjoyed. I am currently focusing on homelessness, addiction and mental health in the Peterborough area. I can be found on many mornings leading our staff in yoga and core exercises before we get the day going. It helps keep our crew healthy in body and spirit."

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Tori Silvera

I Generally Manage & Co-Own

"If I had to sum it up, I do my best to take care of people. My support often happens in the background and my focus is our crew and our future - from onboarding to staff support and reviews, and from budgeting and forecasting to buying and merchandising. I know a little about most things here at Wild Rock and support those who know a lot. "

Favourite Music: I love most music, but especially R&B, Electronic, and Hip Hop.

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Rock Climbing!

"Growing up, I wanted to be a teacher until I realized that I don't enjoy managing large groups of kids...and so I ended up working at Wild Rock "while I figured out" what to do with my life! Now I'm here working alongside a crew of people that I genuinely admire, learn from, and laugh with every day. I get to meet interesting, adventurous people, and I have a vibrant, active community around me. Most people transition into a 'lifestyle job' later in life - I had the privilege of landing in one accidentally!"

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Jeff Faulds

Co-Owner & Aerobic Sports Manager

"Solver of problems, mover of numbers, the buyer of fun things, maker of dreams."

Favourite Music: Any type that is fun and puts me in a good mood.

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Riding all types of bicycles, being outdoors, and spending time with my family.

Jeff is a Co-Owner and Wild Rock's Aerobic Sports Manager, and he's been a fixture of Ptbo's cycling community for years, namely as President of the PCC. He also races DH (downhill bikes), Enduro, XC, cyclocross and gravel for fun. Jeff enjoys camping and adventures with his wife and three kids outdoors. Jeff is also skilled in excel and helps manage our inventory, planning, and buying for the store.

- not Jeff Faulds

Jon Moreno

Camping/Paddling Department Manager

"Purchasing all the hardgoods for camping and paddling departments"

Favourite Music: All things 80's

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Camping

"I'm dedicated to my outdoor addictions and can stop whenever I want to but I don't want to right now. "

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Kieran Andrews

Resident experience vault.

"Mostly I help customers make their lives better though cycling!"

Favourite Music: I have a current obsession with Monsieur Perine

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Riding gravel bikes and reading books

For better or worse, I consider myself a lifetime athlete. That is not because I aspire to greatness but because the majority of my social life and travel interests as well as most of my days revolve around an active lifestyle. Here in the store, I spend most of my energy connecting our most active customers to bikes and skis that help them find the best of themselves. I have been doing this work my whole adult life and still love it!

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Justin Ross

Marketing Manager

"I create all of the online content for Wild Rock Outfitters"

Favourite Music: electronic music - maribou state, bonobo, fred again...

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: I love downhill skiing with all my heart

"I’ve got a knack for type two fun, the longer and more miserable the effort the better."

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Calum Wilkinson

Service Department Manager

"Make sure the service never stops & the quality never drops."

Favourite Music: Anything & everything (for the most part)

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Mountain Bikes!

"I like to live simply & go outdoors; biking with my friends, camping with my partner & playing video games are my favourite things. I love my workplace & the fact that it encourages me to pursue my passions."

Brayden McGregor

A cycling super-specialist, Brayden is a key player in our bike department, and during the winter he manages our nordic ski business. He's also the manager of Wild Rock Travel. Find Brayden on the sales floor, answering all your questions about our cycling trips, and leading the way once you arrive.

Alex Groenke

Alex spends his time both behind the scenes, and working closely with customers. He takes care of out-of-norm transactions, like warranty claims and special orders. The rest of the time, Alex helps you get really comfy on your bike as our bike fit specialist, and plans all of our mountain bike trips.

Breeze Romain

Soft Goods Manager/Buyer

"Managing and buying for sportswear and footwear departments."

Favourite Music: Toss up between country blues & 90s R & B

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Music & cooking

"Recently moved to Peterborough with my family and loving how much more we get out into nature. I am passionate about being a mom, healthy living, fashion, travel & technical apparel. My goal is to curate a versatile collection of sportswear and travel-worthy pieces made with eco-friendly fabrics and ethical production. I strive to give our sales team the tools to help customers have the best experience and find what they need."

John Hauser

Wrenchessor emeritus | Service Technician

"I make bikes go when they won’t, and go better when they will."

Favourite Music: Post/pre-punk-folk

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Building models of model trainer builders

"I’m a little bit country, a little bit rock and roll"

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Joan Lawless

Adventure Facilitator

"Helping folks pursue their outdoor adventures by guiding them to the right products on the west side of the store."

Favourite Music: Indie Rock

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Riding my bike!

"I have worked at WRO for 5 years and love working at my favourite Peterborough store! I am the envy of many people. When I'm not working I love riding - whether its on gravel or paved roads. In the winter I've recently taken up snow-shoeing and have really enjoyed exploring local trails."

Drew Lander

Camping and Paddle Sports Sales/ Hype Man

"I deal in all manner of paddling and camping accessories, help with warranties and special orders and tie-down rental boats for peoples adventures"

Favourite Music: Everything from Abba to Zeppelin

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Fishing and canoeing are top-tier activities. As a non work-related hobby, I took up watch repair last winter to help keep the grey cells working.

"I'm a fun guy, I love the game of basketball. I've been at Wild Rock off and on for about ten years. Learned a lot about living and a little about love. Goals for life? Have more fun and keep paddling."

Kim Deleenheer


"money in, money out, organize into financial statements, make people happy"

Favourite Music: I like all kinds of music, and of course love the 80s. Basically, anything I can sing puts a smile on my face!

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Cycling - road, mtn, fat biking. And cooking new recipes.

"I love my schedule working at WRO! It's fun and gives me time to be on my bike every week or cross-country ski in the winter. And I am really into healthy cooking, trying new recipes with fresh whole foods. I want to live a long, active life, still riding my bike with my husband, friends, and my kids, and hitting up cafes along the way. My plan is to be young for a long time, and I will probably lie about my age so I can keep hanging out with younger and fun people."

Jens Murison

Front cash

"Restock, work front cash, direct customers in the right direction, greeting customers and Tagging products."

Favourite Music: Limp Bizkit, Michael Franti and Harry Manx.

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Mountain Biking, Basketball and Surfing.

"I like to think of myself as an old man stuck in a middle-aged man's body that hope's never to grow up. I'm 10 years old, I am Scott's son and I love pretty much all sports except golf because it should not be a sport. I love hanging out with adults because I have my entire life which is amazing because they like the adventurous and sometimes funny things I do. Most of all I'm just a kid that loves goofing around and having fun!"

Tanya MacNeil

Inventory Receiver

"I receive the inventory for the store and get it ready for the floor. Also, I help with the online orders."

Favourite Music: I love Adele and now Harry Styles

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: I enjoy painting and designing

"I have worked at Wild Rock for 15 years. During this time I have enjoyed all forms of cycling. I also love to play team sports hockey is my favourite.

I need help with writing more:)"

Bridget Moore

Lead Merchandiser/ Adventure Facilitator

"To merchandise the store/ assist with sales on the "West Side" and help prepare clients for great adventures!"

Favourite Music: Love Blue Rodeo, bluegrass, & 80's/90’s

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Walking, swimming, kayaking & spending time with my family

"I love fun, travel and adventure! I spent my 20s working on Cruise Ships facilitating their Adventure Ocean kids programs and then went and had my own. When not at work you can find me out for a walk, at home in the garden, on the lake at my off-grid cottage, or chilling out by the fire. My kids, my husband and my dog mean the world to me."

Dwight Couchman

Bike Sales

"Helping customers with their bike-related questions & purchases"

Favourite Music: Blues & 60's and 70's Rock

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Cycling and woodworking

"I'm a family guy with lots of outside/outdoors interests. I try to play guitar and I love woodworking."

Brianne Lynch

Adventure Facilitator

"Assist the outdoor enthusiast and athlete find the best products to assist them in their outdoor pursuits."

Favourite Music: I like a wide range of music. Van Morrison, U2

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Going for long walks

"I am a retired nurse after 30 years. I love spending time with my husband John and our family. I enjoy reading, quilting and yoga. I recently became a grandma. “Grandma Bri”.

Craig MacViche

Bike Sales Manager

"Bike Sales"

Favourite Music: Jeff Buckley, Ray LaMontagne, Leon Bridges, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, U2, Johnny Cash, Springsteen, etc.

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Camping, ultimate frisbee, basketball, skiing

"Love being outside on a campsite (preferably a far distance from civilization) with my peeps around me. Also, love being outside either playing Ultimate or basketball or walking my pooch!"

Brent MacFarlane

Bike Sales Associate

"I guide heroes to their dream bike!"

Favourite Music: Rock and roll baby!

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Bikes! Skis!

"I’m the Saturday bike sales specialist of your dreams, and spend my weeks studying to be a registered massage therapist! I dream about shredding loam, pow, and crunching geo charts. "

Rhys Penalagan

Sales Associate

"Am I going to have enough space to write it all down? I help customers fulfill their dreams. Be it road, mountain, commuting, gravel, cross, time trials, or just fixing a flat I'm there to make those dreams come true. Providing, of course, that the supply chain hasn't sidelined their dream. In which case I'll try and find them the closest best next thing."

Favourite Music: Taylor Swift. Both the genre and the music. And Punk.

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Riding Bikes

"A local from PTBO, I saw how many people come here on vacation and wondered why I'd ever leave. I love bikes because a good bike ride means I can explore my other passions, like food and drink.

Jonah Udovc

West Side Staff

"Selling technical clothing, footwear, and accessories.

Favourite Music: Big Thief

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Camping

"I like camping, hiking, biking, and skiing. I have also worked at Wild Rock for one year. I love helping folks get ready to tackle their outdoor adventures!"

Jennifer Tiberio

Adventure Facilitator, Nutrition Buyer

"I help people get properly outfitted and fuelled for journeys, and cheer them on."

Favourite Music: indie/alternative/80s new wave/baroque

Favourite Hobby Outside Work: Travelling

"I am a Gemini. I was born in Red Deer. I can fix a flat in over 10 minutes. My favourite smell is petrichor. I can't eat gluten but I like to bake. I have helped over a dozen turtles cross the road and have only been peed on by 2. My favourite painter is Greg Curnoe. My favourite poets are Lorna Crozier and Alden Nowlan. My two cats are Viggo and Freya."