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Be Seen: How to Make Yourself More Visible When Cycling

Be Seen: How to Make Yourself More Visible When Cycling | Wild Rock Outfitters

Whether you’re hitting the best gravel roads around or navigating car traffic on your commute, you know you need to stand out for drivers to notice you. The sooner a driver sees you and recognizes that you’re a human on a bicycle, the more likely you’ll be to avoid a crash.

We don’t recommend you wrap yourself in Christmas lights, but Tori has some great suggestions in the video below.



Our goal is to get as many people to go out and play as possible. If that includes out on a bike, remember these tips to make yourself more visible when cycling:


Front and rear lights aren’t only for illuminating the road so you can avoid potholes. Whether you go with rechargeable or battery-powered lights, choose something that will give motorists lots of time to react. We love the Bontrager Ion 200RT / Flare RT Light Set and the Bontrager Ion 120 / Flare 3 Light Set.


A bright jersey in a neon colour is far more eye-catching than all black everything. On a bike, that’s a good thing. Check out the new Bontrager WaveCel helmets and REGGIE jerseys.


Bright colours on the moving parts of your body draw attention and help drivers more quickly recognize that you’re a person on a bike. So deck out those feet! DeFeet has some super rad designs!

Visit us in store for these great visibility products and more. Be bright, be seen, friends.

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